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Why Are Colors Important To Your Brand?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

What is a brand

First off, when I say brand, I am referring to a broad definition. To me, a brand is the identity of anything from a business, a non-profit, a YouTube channel, a social media channel etc.

According to Google dictionary,



A type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.

  • a brand name

  • a particular identity or image regarded as an asset.

  • a particular type or kind of something.

Whether you’ve decided to start your own business, or are looking to represent your social media channel, non-profit or whatever else you are looking to gain consumers or a following from, understanding the impact of colors on consumer/user behavior will help your brand become a success.

Why brand colors are important

According to Kiss Metrics' "How Do Colors Affect Purchases" infographic:

  • 85% of surveyed consumers state that color is the primary influencer of purchase decisions.

  • Color increases brand recognition by 80%.

The good news is that there’s a proven method to what effect colors have on consumers.

I know you have heard it said many times, that first impressions count. Well this especially rings true when it comes to a brand. Your brand's colors are probably going to be the first thing people see. The first impression of your brand is extremely important when trying to grab consumers/users attention which can then lead to a purchase or following.

It has been proven that colors create emotions and feelings when people see them. Colors can also convey certain information about your brand. This enables customers to subconsciously form an initial impression without even knowing what your product, business or channel is about. This proves to us that brand colors are powerful tool in helping customers decide whether or not they want to engage. Engagement is the first step when gaining customers or followers. If someone does not engage then the interaction leads to nothing. This being said, the first impression is everything!

Now that you know why colors are so important to your brand, learn how you can use this knowledge to choose the best colors to represent your brand's identity.

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